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THE LONG WAIT FOR THE SUN (a spontaneous jotting on this sunny Tuesday May 1, 2018)

It seemed like the cold weather would never end.

The cold month of March ended and an equally cold April crept in surreptitiously.

And the biting cold of Winter persisted, refusing to give way to Spring

The sun would shine but the cold would persist, and the sun appeared to be "fake"

We heard of "fake goods" and we heard of "fake news" but none accused the sun of being fake.

Was it the sun or was its look-alike, and would the chills of unrelenting winter dampen our glee?

We pulled the curtains to let in the rays and the little warmth confirmed it was the sun.

But we steped out into the garden to confirm it was the sun, and the chills renewed our doubts.

Would this winter ever end, and would summer ever come, and would the long wait ever end?

Sunday gave us some warmth and Monday ushered in some refreshing rain, and the cheer was alive again.

Tuesday has turned the tide and we have taken a stride and the happy days are here again.

The long wait for real sun has ended and an ever-smiling son of Africa will smile broadly again in the sun.

Oliver Akamnonu

Massachusetts, USA

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