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No Joy In Christmas?


There is no joy in Christmas, cynics will say.

The stresses on the roads will spoil your day

The stresses in your wallet will even be worse

The trauma to your savings will tell the story

The pressure on your psyche will give you the jitters

You wonder where the joy really is as the day finally dawns

The joy is a ruse and the flavor soon evaporates

But there is joy in the air, even the blind can see

The chorus is sweet even the deaf can hear

There is joy in giving even the sadist will smile

The Noels are ringing, the nostalgia is great

The days of our childhood are brought closer to us

There is joy in remembering the days that we were young

There is joy in the realization that your friends do care

It is a time to remember that your brethren are near

Loved ones are remembered every day of the season

Old friends come to mind because Christmas is here

Religious differences become secondary as the good wishes spread

Appellation of “Holiday” removes nothing from “Christmas”

“Merry Christmas” is understood even as “Happy Holiday” is uttered

No season in human history is known to be merrier than Christmas

Even to a world that denies it, Christmas is the ultimate

It brings joy or business to saints and sinner alike

It gladdens the young and enlivens the old

None is left in the cold though the winter's cold may bite

Love it or hate it, Christmas is king.

From North Pole to South Pole Christmas is the season

Though the East fights the West or the West fights the East

“Pagan feast” or saintly carnival the season remains supreme

The cold may be biting but the hearts are warm

The opening of messages and well wishes brings joy that is true

The reading of similar messages is devoid of stress

The monotony may be elsewhere but never with Christmas

The unity that it brings can never be equaled

The warmth that is thus conveyed appears to shame the winter

Christmas is a season that no season can rival

There is great joy in Christmas even cynics appreciate.


Oliver Akamnonu,

(Author of "The Pagans' Medals")

Massachusetts, USA

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