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24 HOURS AT MY COMMAND Given 24 hours to do my wish, what would I do, where would I go? Would I reach for the stars, to planet Mars or to the moon? Would I fly to the North Pole, to the South Pole or to our own Alaska? Would I beckon on the heavens to do my wish? Would I delude myself to have the world at my command? No, the world around me already has enough problems waiting to be solved My immediate environment already has problems waiting to be addressed The many peaks around me are yet to be reached The lonely neighbors around me can benefit from a gentle smile Laughter is a better medicine than many can imagine I will compose a poem that cheers the lonely soul I will tell some stories that bring cheer to an otherwise cheerless soul I will put a smile on faces that for months have known no laughter I had tried with medication to heal the sick I now will strive with laughter and seamless jokes to heal my sorroundings.

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