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Do it now, don't wait another year!

Endless years:

Its difficult to so believe

It looks just like it was yesterday

2014 will soon be another year gone by

365 days are about to again roll by

And we all will be one more year older even before we know it

The old will be older and the young will not be younger

The old and the young will be one year older

Older in years that easily fret away

What we call a year is like a mere evening gone

And the life of man that is counted in years

Reminds us that we have too little time to do good on this planet that we inhabit

Whatever good we know how to do let us do it now

For the time that we think we have is not anything to write home about

Do the good that you can to all manner of men

Postpone it not, for you don't have all the time to control

Another year goes by as if it was a mark on the sand

It frets away even at the blink of an eye

Whatever thoughts we have let us put them down in print

We can truly enrich our world by actively sharing our thoughts

Every old year that goes by brings us closer to our span

And every new year that rools in should increase our resolve

To do the best that we can should be the resolve

Humanity as we know it has very little time to wait

To wipe away a tear and put injustice to shame

To put a smile on some sad face makes the world's good go round

One man's contribution makes the burden much less than we know

Let us do it today for another year may be too late.

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