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It gives me the wrong impression that the morning has dawned

Eve when it is still five in the morning, it appears as bright as seven

It makes even ugly buildings appear decent

It makes houses that have not been painted for decades glitter as new

This white snow!

It enhances the brightness of the moon

Even when it is otherwise dull and gloomy it shines

It disguises the dullness of winter on the roads

It lessens the dread of quietness with all the folks indoors

This white snow

I look at it and can’t resist the urge to write

I’d like to write about the whiteness that has overtaken the greens

I’d like to write about the occasional birds that defy the snow

I’d like to write about the strangeness to a son of Africa

From six thousand miles away Africa’s son visualizes an overwhelming whiteness in a new year

This white snow

Can any really appreciate the strangeness to me?

Can any appreciate the excitement that I constantly feel?

From a land of perpetual summer whence I came

Where the dusty road browns my shoes and the heat soaks my shirt in sweat

To a land of four seasons that sons and daughters of the soil adapt to and relish

This white snow

Can any truly share my excitement as I look out of the window and marvel?

I remember the heat that caked the fields this past summer even in Massachusetts

I see the white mounds of snow that now whitens the fields just four months later

I reminisce the year-round bright weather six thousand miles away

I remember the raffia-palm hand-held fans that folks used

As we fanned ourselves amidst the hot and humid air on our faces

I see the mounds of ice and I contrast the dunes of dust

And even in the midst of deprivations the ordinary folks there appeared to smile

Even as some depraved leaderships stole the polity dry, the hapless folks appeared to smile

And the section of the populace that was enlightened smiled at grief

Even with little in governance to smile about the helpless people smiled

And the free energy from the sun all year round made it possible for people to smile

And they that were blessed with free sunlight failed to appreciate or harness the blessings

But even in the midst of the cold air and mounds of ice here the populace smile

Even amidst the cold I see the blessings conferred on a great people in this part of the planet

I see the leafless trees all sullen as if in obedience to a cold winter god

I see the hitherto green mountain tops that now stand bare and covered with ice

I see nature at its best with its wonders as I drive through the woods

I see the well-maintained roads and swerving tree branches through the comfort of my room

I see that Mother Nature blesses every clime

She never completely deprives her own in any part of the planet

I see that he confers industry and creativity where he deprives them or us, of year round summer

I see the warmth and brightness inside every home and I testify to the greatness of a people

Even when outside of every home and in the parking lot of every marketplace,

I see mountains of this white snow.

© Dr Oliver Akamnonu

South Hadley, MA, USA

Jan. 10, 2015

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