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This much we pledge:

We wish to sincerely thank all our friends at Facebook for liking our page, spreading our launch messages and celebrating a tremendous milestone with us! We truly hope that 2015 will be just the beginning of our long anticipated journey with all of you!

Particular thanks go to Jeanne Claire Probst (Author of “The Fifteen Houses” series), Ophelia Elise West President/CEO of WinterTreeProductions, Inc. and designer of our widely admired website and to Patricia Morrison a renowned author and friend who was the first recipient of a surprize giveaway!

We in Akamnonu Associates Incorporated seek, with all humility and dedication, to propagate knowledge, cultural awareness and human well-being through novels, poetry and other story books. These are as depicted in literature, poetry and stories that enliven, re-invigorate and broaden the spheres of knowledge. Through humor that brings genuine smiles on the faces of our readers we lighten the stresses of everyday living.

Our 19 published and widely-read books continue to bring smiles on the faces of many. Our readers range from the high school student who will greatly enjoy the adventures of Okoli in “The Suppers of many Dishes” part 1 to the senior who in retirement will greatly enjoy the mature boy of the Suppers series in the highly reviewed and acclaimed book “The Pagan’s Medals”. The adventurous young to middle aged are not left out as they will experience seriousness, adventure and relaxation in our books “The Trial of Monogamy” and “Coming Late to America.” There are many more, all highly-acclaimed and reviewed by academics and ordinary laymen like you and me. We therefore urge all to continue to visit our website and to continue to enjoy and contribute articles to our Blog page on the website.

We pride ourselves in the modest entertainment, education and fulfillment which we bring to our readers across the board through our books and we will never disappoint.

This much we pledge.

This much and more, we shall continue to uphold.

Oliver Akamnonu

(Physician and Author)

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