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It's a bright and sunny day

No, it is a cold and windy day

Yes, indeed the cold can co-exist with the sun

The one that chills the bones here coexists with the one that warms and sustains the Earth

As the cold can coexist with the warmth from the sun

So also can good coexist with evil.

The one that is good and desirable

Can at all times coexist with the one that is destable and abominable

As it is with Nature and the forces of Nature

So should it be with humanity and all that goes with it.

In our same world every day of our lives,

We see the forces of good and evil run roughshod over each other.

We must never be dismayed or overtly disenchanted

Life is all about good coexisting with evil,

darkness alternating with brightness.

The one may not necessarily complement the other

But there can never be appreciation of the one without the other.

There can be no appreciation of the white without the black, or indeed the black without the white

The monotony of the one will in near certainty bore to death the other.

The role for men and women that are civil and level-headed

Always should be to assail over devilry with good deeds.

To hope that one will one day vanquish the other

Or completely occupy planet Earth in complete absence of the other

Is simply wishful thinking and will never materialize

It may be merely utopian and an exercise in futility.

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