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A Poem to Celebrate Winter's Commencement!

Is it already winter? The leaves are yellow and I thought it was Autumn The greens have yielded ground to the weather And the glow on faces appear to be waning

Is it already winter?

Is it already winter? I have not yet seen the snow I hear it is pounding hard already in parts And the snow plows are already active The lawns are already white and the brightness on faces should be there For the monotony of summer cannot be the spice of life

Is it already winter? It is not yet mid November And son of Africa is bewildered When is it winter, for the leaves are still falling? Yet, the cold begins to bite my wide nostrils

Come right in and let's see you For we have tested your weight before now Show your face again, you that brighten the look of our houses You cannot be a fiend, oh winter For who but you can force the warm ovens on And you bring variety to our lives

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