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There's Never a Wrong Without a Right!


When you walk into the room that is "wrong"

Or take the wrong turn in life by the standards of man

When your legs inexorably pull you in a direction that you intended not to go

Never say oops, with too much grief about the wrong.

And never have cause for utmost regrets.

Life is all about wrongs turning to right

There can be no right without a left

Never a right without a wrong

Life will be too boring without some deviants

Planet Earth is too hot without the cold

The heat from the sun would be meaningless without the cold

There are no eternal standards for all to follow

No rock-hard differences between right and wrong

And what by the standards of man may be wrong today

May by the man of tomorrow be celebrated as right

And so, when you walk into the wrong room or toilet by day or by night

Or the wrong alley appears before you when you least intended the same

Never say oops or apologize too strongly for a wrong that may be right

Maintain a straight face, friend, it wrong!!!!!

Tomorrow may thank you immensely for all your wrongs.


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