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Suppers of Many Dishes II: My Odyssey To The West And Beyond


     The guns had barely gone silent after thirty months of a gruesome civil war. The infrastructure in the theater of war had all but been completely battered. A young final-year high school student fresh from the ravages of war had gained admission into one of the only four universities in his forcibly reunited country to study medicine in the western region of the country.

     A whole world of opportunities had been opened up.

An unfolding odyssey of eleven action-packed years in the local ‘West’ was to transform the emerging lover-boy “eaglet” through the ranks of William Shakespeare’s “lover sighing like furnace” to “the soldier full of strange oaths and bearded like the pard”.

    A short stint in party politics followed by leadership in professional politics pitched the young man against the powers that be. These were to culminate into series of dangerously veiled duels that were to ultimately force the man to seek disguised “refuge” in the shores of the “acclaimed West”.

    A new world, a new horizon, new scenes, new challenges, some uncanny solutions; the main actor in the odyssey himself bares it all!

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