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Trial Of Monogamy Hardcover

Trial Of Monogamy Hardcover

The Trial of Monogamy vividly depicts the differences and effects of the nature of marriage within a specific setting that is governed by specific laws and policies.

The book introduces readers to Udoka, who is raised by his single mother after his father dies prematurely in a rural African community. He drops out of school at a very early stage and joins the company of village loafers called “ofekes” and “ofo-ogolis” who specialize in hanging around where there are ceremonies and celebrations with free food and free drinks. During one of such ceremonies, the uneducated Udoka saw and fell in love with Chioma who is educated and who hails from a completely different social background. Udoka gets rebuffed.

Twist of fate brings both young people together and through encouragement from Chioma, Udoka goes to school, progresses, and ultimately marries Chioma. Soon, the couple moves over to Atlanta in America where Chioma trains as a nurse and starts earning well. However, she falls in love with a rich medical doctor and divorces her beleaguered husband who, laden with the burden of debts and child support, flees from Atlanta back to his Akunwanta native land.

Later on, the medical doctor disappoints Chioma and the polygamous nature of the common Akunwanta origin of the divorced former couple holds out the only opportunity whereby Chioma could find a place as a second wife to a now prosperous and polygamous Udoka.

Will the monogamy by law in Atlanta as opposed to the accepted polygamy by culture in Akunwanta play out favorably for both parties, and will the one learn from the other?
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