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Soldier Ants of War Softcover

Soldier Ants of War Softcover

Soldier Ants of War is a story about a war which lasted for 30 months in the heart of Africa. It is fiction based on actual experiences of two participants who were friends in School, who participated in different capacities in actual action in the war, who survived, and who went on to become specialist medical doctors at the cessation of hostilities.

Soldier Ants of War represents actual events told in fiction form with narration of chilling events of war, the apathy and collusion of the international community, the doggedness of a people and their resort to unconventional maneuvers in desperate attempts to attain victory. Events that would appear benumbing are mixed with humor. Intrigues of war and politics are depicted without bias, for the reader to be the better judge.

Soldier Ants of War embodies action, intrigues, love even during war, dangerous political maneuvering between the world power and super powers, brutality, kindness by anonymous humanity, the song of birds and unpredictable jockeying with the destiny of a people, events which leave the reader longing for more of the riveting tales.
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