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Nation Of Dead Patriots Softcover

Nation Of Dead Patriots Softcover

Author Dr. Oliver Akamnonu will take us to another journey that will explore the Mungeruun’s dilemma in his new book titled NATION OF DEAD PATRIOTS.

This book will also take us to Kumbruuja, the nation’s capital which is also known to be “one of the fastest growing capitals in the world.” But most of the people in the nation live in utter poverty. Majority of the people have no potable water, the roads are a disaster, there is corruption, electricity is a luxury, and officials of the state-controlled power company would occasionally intimidate and extort money from the people.

There are more growing problems that affect the people and the nation groans in pain, they cry for a redeemer, they are looking for the government that they deserve, but nobody hears their cries.

Where are the patriots? Who will fight for these people? Has Mungeruun become a NATION OF DEAD PATRIOTS? Are there no more men of conscience and unquestionable patriotism in governance that will stand up for Mungeruun?

These are only few of the questions that this book will try to find the answers to, as we flip through the pages of the realities about this nation.

There is so much to learn about Mungeruun. Behind the cloud of bountiful natural gifts, lie the gloomy faces of its people. Let us delve into their cries and learn more of these realities.
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