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Little Baby Lydia

Little Baby Lydia


Nena, a final year medical student is pregnant with her first baby. The fiancé and father of the expected baby is domiciled thousands of miles across the Atlantic. A difficult choice occurs between Nena having the baby and forfeiting graduation with her peers, or forfeiting the baby to ensure timely graduation and advancement of her profession. Nena chooses to have her baby. She is also determined to graduate on schedule with her classmates. With unavailability of needed childcare facilities and the mounting pressure of clinical requirements, the onus of childcare falls on Nena’s parents, a couple who last tasted baby care more than three decades earlier.


Would the love of Grandpa and Grandma adequately substitute for parental care in a 21st century sophisticated setting where disposable diapers had fully replaced the re-usable? Would unconditional grandparental love suffice to make what appeared impossible come to fruition? And could so much fulfillment emanate therefrom? Could so much joy and contentment emanate from a single little baby, Little Baby Lydia?

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