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Konganoga Hardcover

Konganoga Hardcover

TA brilliant medical doctor works his way through the help of a pen pal into a specialist training course in a foreign country. Initially lonely and friendless save for his benefactor pen pal he later warms his way into the love of an indigenous staff nurse in the hospital where he did his residency program.

Fame and fortune smile on the doctor after his specialization and he secures appointment as a staff of a teaching hospital in another region of his native country after an initial discriminatory rejection during an interview. Through further good luck coupled with his sterling qualities of honesty he gets appointed as a chairman of one of his country’s largest mining companies after an accelerated promotion in his professional practice.

He excels in the administration of the fledging company and turns its fortunes around within a very short time. His uncompromising stance against corruption, the very ills that had earlier wrecked the company, pitches him against certain highly-placed individuals whose corrupt exploitation of the industry were blocked by the chairman’s uncompromising stance with evil practices. The Chairman gets fired but his undeniable qualities again get him noticed by the presidency of his country which appoints him the president of his University.

History repeats itself as a result of insistence on transparency again leading to flight and resignation of the Vice Chancellor. Unfortunately infidelity and inattentiveness to family matters leads to the failure of the Vice Chancellor’s marriage.

Failure of attempts to repair the damages finally leads a once promising young man into headlong dash for dinner with the devil with consequent disastrous consequences for Konganoga the country that was being fleeced. Konganoga: Mauling the Polity is a thrilling tale of the persistent clash between good and evil and the effects against a once great and a promising people and nation.
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