Earth's Man of Color Softcover

Earth's Man of Color Softcover

A distinction is drawn between two very similarities based on the two types of characters that the same type of society produced.

Orie, Puzo, and Nmaku who hail from Angwa and the adjoining Ocha remained back in the village and made their lives almost permanently there—rarely knowing what was going on in the outside world but being nonetheless greatly influenced by the latter.

Their daily chores are dictated by the daily basic necessities of the moment and they have little to worry perpetually about.

A lot of their life is controlled by the dictations and predictions of the traditional medicine man who occasionally misfires in his predictions which have no scientific basis supporting them.

His situation is often taken advantage of by the political class who have little or nothing to lose even if the polity collapses.

But Livinus, on the other end of the spectrum, emerges from the civil war and through a dint of luck and hard work, studies hard and becomes a doctor.

He even proceeds overseas despite a close shave by arsonists. He specializes and returns home to Akunwanta town from where he is again catapulted by fate and focus to become the governor of his state after a battle between titans eliminates the principal contestants.

He, at first, meant well and had the intention of helping to reform society. Post election litigation and his lack of the economic leverage almost cost him his mandate.

But again fate plays a hard one on him and because of his lack of cash he gets tied up to the economic vampires of his society.

He is bailed out by a coalition of these vampires and narrowly reclaims his mandate only after colossal bribing of umpires who were least expected to soil their hands.

He decides never to go begging ever again and hence he delves headlong into the rot and decay, not by his will but by the circumstances prevailing around him.