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Comedy of Naked Vampires Softcover

Comedy of Naked Vampires Softcover

Two businessmen-turned politicians get appointed into a Central Government-owned Governing Board of a University Hospital. Their mandate is to utilize every available opportunity to siphon funds to the coffers of their political sponsors. The two have greatly differing physical attributes: one is of a tiny friable frame while the other is massive and bears a traditional title befitting his giant-like physique. But both men share a common bond of unbridled quest for fleecing the public treasury and of gross inadequacy with spoken English.

Over time the two titans of the Board strike a friendship as political appointees in the midst of other representatives of varying interests in the Board. The body grossly deviates from its intended roles and becomes a fund-siphoning machine whose members continuously bicker over the ratio and manner of sharing “government money” to the detriment of the institution whose interest they were expected to champion.

Struggle for control of the body soon sets in and the first casualty becomes the Chief Executive and Administrative Head of the University Hospital. The latter is cajoled into patronizing a fetish priest where he was made to suck for, and swallow the human breast milk of the priestess.

Continued rivalry between the two political titans leads to dissolution of the Board and a surprising appointment of one of the titans as the Sole Administrator of the University Hospital.
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